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Gals on the Go Project is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established by Gals Institute.  The project's mission is to improve the social and emotional well-being of children and adolescents through prevention and resiliency building workshops and other programs.  Our fun and interactive workshops focus on topics such as healthy relationships, resiliency building, effective coping strategies, confidence boosting, calming anxiety, and many others.  Gals on the Go Project events will be led by trained licensed clinicians through Gals Institute LLC.  "I Am, I Can, I Will" and "Calm, Cool, Capable" are among two of our trademarked workshops.  

Funds raised will be used to offer individual scholarships to those who can't afford mental health support and for schools and organizations who do not have funds in their budgets to provide socio-emotional education.  Since our inception in 2018, Gals on the Go Project has reached more than 1000 boys and girls in Waukesha County through our resiliency-based workshops. Our supporter believe that Prevention IS Key.  

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Thank You For Supporting GOTGP!

Community Resiliency Workshops & Programs

Want the in-person experience for students? We are offering our most requested workshops in-person for up to 100 youth in each group at a time. These programs are available for 2nd-8th grades. We are working on additional offerings to kick start the school year to support youth, families, schools and the community build social, emotional mental wellness.



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Workshop Feedback

"I take deep breathes and I remind myself, 'if I get this done, I can have fun" -- Benjamin


"The calming jar is awesome! It'll definitely be useful whenever I need to calm down-I just
it and (as I'm watching the glitter fall) take some deep breaths, and it'll be okay! Plus it
looks super cute."
-- Sophia


"I loved it, it was a nice surprise. Super fun activities." -- Ava


"I had a lot of fun doing the scavenger hunt with my Dad." -- Energized participant


"The scavenger hunt was so fun and I loved seeing the different things, hearing, smelling, and
      tasting things." 
-- Mastering Mindfulness participant


I really liked this calming jar! It was fun to make and it will really help me calm down, it is
fun to watch the glitter fall and to have this calming jar is super handy to have! -- Addie

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Grant Application for Schools & Organizations

Complete form below to have your school/class/organization considered for a Gals On The Go Project Foundation Scholarship.  
Please fill out ALL areas to be considered.

Which workshops would most benefit your group? (Check all that apply.)
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